QL-25-S Quik-Latch Mini Latch $23.99 Per Latch

Diameter Options

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Diameter Options

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The Quik-Latch mini latches are of the same basic design as the larger hood pin sets, but scaled down and significantly cheaper. In addition with the ability to function as automotive fasteners, the Mini Latches have multiple applications for which they could be utilized, even outside the realm of automotive customization. That is the real advantage of the Quik-Latch mini - its versatility. Our customers have used them on street rods, dedicated drag race cars, cabinets, custom enclosures, remote control model airplanes, and go carts, to name a few. There are probably customers out there who have found applications that we don't even know about yet. If you have something that needs to open and close repeatedly that also needs to be securely latched, a Quik-Latch mini could most likely be adapted.

The Quik-Latch mini latch is a push button latch roughly larger in diameter than a quarter. It is incredibly strong for its size as well, as it can withstand a pulling force of 150 pounds before experiencing failure. The latches have been approved by the NHRA for use in drag racing competition, which lends credibility for how strong and durable the latches are.

The Quik-Latch mini latches are made of T-6 aluminum and stainless steel, which resists corrosion. They can also be painted or powder coated if a customer so desires. Last, but not least, the latches are manufactured to the highest of standards in the United States.


Upper Diameter of Latch Body Options:

1.5 inch (38.10mm)

1.25 inch (32mm)

1 inch (25.4mm)

.875 inch(22mm)

Length of latch body: 0.57 inches (15mm)

Length of mounting stud: 2.13 inches (54mm)

Pictured below is a size comparison between a U.S. Quarter and Mini Latch housing

Pictured below are a pair of 1.25 inch upper diameter billet mini latches *Each sold separately

Pictured below is Mini Quik-Latch with 1.5 inch upper diameter

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