2015-2017 Ford Mustang S550 Front Bumper Fitment Kit

This kit is sold as a pair
Fits: 2015-2017 Models

The S550 Kit is sold as a pair of 1" upper diameter 
mini Quik-Latches

A common issue among the latest generation of Ford Mustangs is front bumper fitment after anytime the front bumper is removed for maintenance / repair work or performance modifications. 

2015-2017 S550 owners know: it just takes one bumper removal to snap the plastic mounting tabs that keep the bumper lined up relative to the fender, and it makes for a giant eyesoreEven though this is a relatively minor issue in the grand scheme of things, the unsightly bumper gap created by damaged bumper mounting tabs can be a constant source of annoyance for the dedicated Mustang enthusiast.

Installation of Quik-Latch 25 series Mini Quik-Latches helps to bring the front bumper back into alignment while also providing a quick release function for easier bumper removal and reinstallation. 

Compared to the cost of body shop labor and the cost of new OEM bumper mounting clips along with a new bumper, Quik-latch mini latches help fix S550 Mustang bumper fitment issues at a fraction of the cost of traditional repair methods.  Several of our customers have let us know that they have saved over $500 by using the Quik-Latch mini latches to correct the bumper fitment issues on their Mustangs as opposed to purchasing and painting a new bumper along with its associated plastic mounting clips.

Use of the mini latches on your front bumper also helps you if you are constantly loading your lowered Mustang onto and off a trailer.  Rather than worrying about clearance issues when loading your Mustang onto the trailer, you can simply detach your bumper, load your car onto the trailer and then reattach the bumper. 

One great thing about this kit is that you can use existing mounting points that are already on the car, so there is no guess work as to where to mount the latch pin.  The one inch upper latch flange fits the countours of the front bumper in a low profile manner. 

Never again will you need to resort to having to use zip ties, tape or rubber bands to bring your bumper back into alignment!