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 Cooler Latch Application

Cabinetry Latches

The same exact latches that are installed on high performance automobiles across the world are also adaptable to uses outside the automotive realm. 

For applications that require a push to release fastener that also has plenty of holding capacity, the QL-25 series Mini Quik-Latches could very well likely be the latching solution that you've been looking for.

Current applications outside of the mainstream automotive industry include:

- Latches for computer server racks

- Battery enclosure latches on remote controlled vehicles enabling quick exchange of batteries

- Latches for enclosures on medical equipment

- Specialty furniture for concealed weapons (Hidden compartment access latch)

- Lid latch for custom cooler

- Push button latch for custom cabinetry doors

- Fender stabilizers for the Polaris Slingshot and other ATV quick release applications

- Latches for industrial / factory settings where access panels are opened and closed multiple times per day

- Electrical junction block access panel latches

- Conveyor access panel latches

- Window cover latches

- Water tank lid latches

- Safety lid latches