QL-25 Series Mini Quik-Latches

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Machined Aluminum Mini Quik-Latches

Black Anodized Mini Quik-Latches

Polished Aluminum Mini Quik-Latches

Blue Anodized Mini Quik-Latches

Red Anodized Mini Quik-Latches

Stainless Mini Latches With Construction Entirely of Stainless Steel

Brass Mini Quik-Latches

Mini Quik-Latches for Carbureted Air Cleaner Housings

About the QL-25 series Mini Quik-Latches:

The QL-25 series mini Quik-Latches are some of the most versatile multi purpose push button release fasteners on the market today.  We have several varieties available, including the following:

- Machined Aluminum

- Polished Aluminum

- Black Anodized Aluminum

- Red Anodized Aluminum

- Blue Anodized Aluminum

- All Stainless Steel Construction

- Brass

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These latches are in service across a wide range of applications in a variety of industries including:

- automotive

- industrial

- marine

- architectural


- cabinetry

- medical devices

- furniture

If you have an application that requires fast, easy, and repeated access behind a moveable enclosure or panel, the mini Quik-Latch can be a potential solution to your needs!

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