Quik Latch Video Demos

We're proud to have our products integrated into one of the most exclusive high performance cars on the market today: the McLaren P1GTR.  Here's a video detailing how Quik-Latch Products are integrated into this race car:

Here is a compilation video of some of the latest Quik-Latch installations

This video below details just some of many potential automotive applications that the Quik-Latch mini latch can be adapted for!

Quik-Latch on the set of Motorhead Garage July 2016

In the video below, John Gardner of the Motorhead Garage television show demonstrates a popular application for the Quik-Latch mini latch - elimination of the wing nut and stud on a carbuereted air cleaner housing with a push button latch mechanism.  This makes for a clean, streamlined modern look while providing easy & fast access to the carburetor.

During the summer of 2012, the folks at Richard Petty Driving Experience were searching for a backup safety latch option in case anyone forgot to reinstall hood pins for their stock cars. They found the solution by installing one QL-25-S mini Quik-Latch on the hood of each of their stock cars so that the hood can stay put long enough to have the car get called back into the pits so that the hood pins can be reinstalled. Below is a video of the first of the Richard Petty Driving Experience cars getting the Quik-Latch mini installed at the Texas Motor Speedway in August 2012. The people from Richard Petty Driving Experience were also kind enough to drive their cars on the track. It was a complete blast, and a definite must do for any racing enthusiast!

Quik-Latch at the PRI Show in Orlando, FL November 2012

Below is the Quik-Latch Network TV Debut on 'Performance TV' On this episode, the traditional rusted out hood pins on a 78 Chevrolet Malibu were replaced with the QL-50-LP Quik-Latch Hood Pin . Also briefly featured was the remainder of the Quik-Latch lineup.

Customer Quik-Latch hood pin kit review

Below is a video of how a front lip spoiler can be mounted utilizing Quik-Latch mini latches. In a similar manner, front bumper covers and rocker panels can also be mounted by utilizing mini Quik-Latches.

Below is a nice F-body Camaro with Quik-Latch QL-25-S mini latches on the hood

Below is a video of a custom enclosure fabricated to hold a battery for an RC plane.

Below is a video demonstrating how a QL-25-S Quik-Latch "mini latch" can be adapted for use in custom cabinets. The latch's streamlined low profile aluminum construction meshes well with current popular interior design themes.

Below is a video detailing the use of Quik-Latch mini latches in a hood pin application as a supplement to the OEM hood latch on a carbon fiber hood.

Quik-Latch Carbureted Air Cleaner Installation