Elongated Four Inch
Mini Quik-Latch Pins

$7.50 each

Part Number QL-25-08-04

For applications where additional reach is necessary, there are currently three different varieties of the mini extension pins.  Each pin is four inches in overall length, and the available thread pitch options are: 

1/4"     5/16"   and  M8

 2 Inch Mini Latch Pins
$5.00 Each

Part Number QL-25-08

The two inch mini latch pins which come standard with the mini Quik-Latches are now available as an independent part.  The only thread pitch that is currently available for the 2 inch pins is 1/4" x 20

Looking for other mini latch accessories? Click the pictures below

QL-25-AS Mini Spring Assist

QL-25-B Mini Mounting Bucket