Mazdaspeed 3 Front Bumper Quick Release Kits 

Transition from having an unsightly bumper to fender gap

To having a long term bumper fitment solution for your MazdaSpeed 3

Blue anodized option pictured below

A common problem for Mazdaspeed 3 owners is poor front bumper fitment because the front bumper mounting tabs and / or retention clips are damaged, missing or broken.  It doesn't take much for this to happen.... usually all it takes is just a few bumper removal and installations and then it no longer fits correctly.  This is because most of the front bumper mounting components are made of plastic and are not designed to be reused.   The result: an unsightly gap in between the front bumper cover and fender.

Common temporary solutions to this issue have been the use of zip ties, rubber bands and even duct tape.   These solutions invariably give way over time, and the bumper gap returns, sometimes worse than before.

The QL-25 series Quik-Latch Mini Latches have been a popular aftermarket solution to correct front bumper fitment across various makes and models for years now.  With stainless steel and aluminum construction, these latches are built to stand up to the test of time while providing for bumper quick release capability. 

 After partnering up with Raiderfab from Mazdaspeeds.Org, there is now a bolt-on solution to help correct bumper fitment near the fender well for Mazdaspeed 3 vehicles.   

Full details on the installation process can be found on the Mazdaspeeds.Org forum here