Quik-Latch Mini Install on HPP Racing's Mustang

As of 2016, this Mustang has swapped over from using the machined aluminum QL-25-S Mini Quik-Latches to the blue anodized QL-25-BU Mini Quik-Latches

Pre-2016, this car's hood was outfitted with QL-25-S Mini Quik-Latch fasteners with a machined aluminum finish.

The bumper cover was removed and Mini Quik-Latch stud installed onto the body. The bumper cover was test fitted to the car to check where the studs matched to the bumper cover. Holes were drilled into the bumper cover to allow for the mini latch body installation.(Pics courtesy of HPP Racing)

Once the latches were installed onto the bumper cover, the bumper cover can simply be snapped onto the car. Push the buttons, and the bumper cover can be removed.

Prepping for Hood Installation

Hood Installed

Latches pictured: (post 2016)

Latches pictured on this car (pre-2016): QL-25-S 1.25" upper diameter with machined aluminum finish