QL-25-N Extension Nut

$9.95 Per Extension Nut

The QL-25 series mini Quik-Latches are not always long enough to extend through a mounting surface because the threaded length of the latch is .450" (11.43mm)

The QL-25-N extension nut allows for additional reach through a mounting surface that is up to .850" (21.59mm) thick.  This eliminates the need for countersinking panels that are thicker than the threaded length of the latch.


Total height of extension nut:   .625"  (15.88 mm)
Height from bottom of mounting flange: .500"   (12.7 mm)
Width of hex nut flange: 1.00" (25.4 mm) 
Outside width below mounting flange: .875" (22.23 mm)
Maximum reach when threaded onto latch: .850" (21.59 mm)

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