Quik-Latch on McLaren P1GTR

The McLaren P1GTR utilizes a total of 4 QL-25-SB Mini Quik-Latches to secure the carbon fiber hood to the body of the vehicle. With the push of four buttons, the hood is able to be removed by technicians and pit crews.
Form AND function- the P1GTR has one of the most gorgeous automotive profiles of any race car out there
Another view of how the Quik-Latch Mini Latches mount to the hood of the car.
Quik-Latch mounting pin on the P1GTR body
Hood removed
The lightweight hood can be removed by one person with after disengaging all four latches
The rear engine clam shell is secured by four QL-25-SB black anodized Mini Quik-Latches
Close up view of the Mini Quik-Latch installed onto the engine clam shell
The fuel filler lid and hybrid plug-in access port are equipped with Quik-Latch quick release latches as well (pictured open)
Fuel filler lid in closed position
Rear engine clam shell removed. This vehicle looks just as good with with the engine cover removed!
Exotic exhaust system consists of an Inconel and titanium alloy
Rear engine clam shell removed
Only the lucky few ever get to sit here and push these cars to their limits on the track
No passenger seat on this purpose built beast
Interesting fact about this steering wheel: it also functions as the vehicle's key to start the engine!

We just couldn't pass up on the opportunity to see one of the world's premier super cars in person last month! It was a distinct pleasure to be able to see up close the McLaren P1GTR while on the set of Motorhead Garage TV.

The fine folks from McLaren Philadelphia brought this very rare exotic for an up close look, and it did not disappoint.

With an exclusive production run of only 58 units along with a price tag exceeding a million dollars, this race car is at the pinnacle of what defines a modern race car.

We were proud to see how the McLaren engineering team integrated the Quik-Latch QL-25 series latches into the overall car. A total of 10 latches are installed on the vehicle including the hood, rear engine clam shell, fuel filler lid and hybrid plug in access port. This allows for technicians and pit crews to have immediate access to critical components during a race at the push of a button.

According to the McLaren technician we interviewed, the use of the Quik-Latch mounting system saves over an hour of labor time when removing and reinstalling the rear engine clam shell.

While on set, we did a short video shoot with this gorgeous automobile, which will be airing on Velocity in the coming months.

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The QL-25-SB: the same latch used by this incredible supercar