LSH Racing Ford Mustang With QL-25-SB Quik-Latch Black Anodized Minis

Quik-Latch Products is proud to present Dave Lowry's Quik-Latch equipped Ford Mustang. Lowry, of the car club LSH Racing in Dayton, OH, collaborated with T Paul Miller Photography (also in Dayton, OH) to bring to us these incredible photographs of this serously fast race car.

Here are some stats about this tire shredding beast:

Car is a 1991 Ford Mustang GT and is a 25.5 car certed for 7:50 in the 1/4 mile. It has run a best ET in 1/4 of 9:85 at 138mph on a 10.5 tire and in the 1/8 mile, it has a best of 5:75 at 116mph on a 8.5 tire.

The engine is 393 cubic inches with Cold Fusion Nitrous on it. Transmision is a C4 transmission with a fab 9" from Strange.

Chassis is a Jim Unger Racing custom built and fabricated in Dayton Ohio.

The hood is secured to the body in a hingeless setup with 8 QL-25-SB Black Anodized Mini Quik-Latches.

The car weighs in at 3150 pounds with the driver. LSH Racing runs in the Xtream Outlaw series out of Dayton Ohio & also NMRA as well.

Click the pictures above or below for more information about the Quik-Latch Minis

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